$30M an acre.

I'll start off by saying Vegas is a great place. #MJBizCon left me feeling inspired.

Inspired to do better and to continue pushing #auspol to grant a #HomeGrowAmnesty for patients in Australia.

Unlike in Australia, the medical use of cannabis is an accepted thing in Vegas. You don't have to be on the fringe, you just need to have a medical issue that it assists.

I make a habit of talking with uber / lyft / taxi drivers and when they pick me up or take me to a conference, I always ask them about cannabis and I'm often surprised by both the amount of knowledge and the depth of it.

One of the taxi drivers I met this time round was a woman who had a child in university studying who she was helping to support through college. It turned out she was a CBD advocate, used it on her tennis elbow and had a thorough knowledge of the testing involved, COAs and how cannabis in Nevada is batched.

Another was an old retired guy living in apartment across the street from our hotel. He also used CBD, but to help his arthritis. They represent two user profiles that were happy to tell me about their CBD use.

Neither of them thought they were adult users of cannabis. They were patients who found that CBD helped reduce their pain, offered better symptom management and lowered their use of prescription medicines for pain and symptom relief.

I put it to you that we are watching the creation of an adult use environment that will change the face of America and as we've seen with hamburgers, the world.

Adult use is everywhere in Vegas. Legally you can see it firsthand at the NUWU dispensary. A massive place on Sovereign land with a huge carpark and attendants waving taxis through to the front door with the same light-sticks they use to direct aircraft to a hangar.

Illegal use can be smelled everywhere you walk on the strip. Seeing it though still takes a little effort. Vapes are still everywhere. Inconspicuous and innocuous, the vapours blend into the strange sensory symphony that is Las Vegas.

There was a story going around about a guy staying at one of the casinos who had his legal cannabis confiscated by casino security. Scratch the surface though and you'll see the reality is a little more opaque.

Casinos are operating under a Federal license.

Cannabis is often sold in what's commonly called an EXIT BAG.

An EXIT BAG is a form of compliant packaging, but because it's America baby, it's also become a marketing device by default. So you have a situation where compliance forces the dispensary to have an expensive "childproof" bag, so they offset the cost to their business by advertising on the outside of the bag.

(A MedMen EXIT BAG I received was bright red and although very glamorous, the purchase was down market enough not to warrant an additional gift bag, making it easy to fold and place inside of my jacket.)

This guy tried to walk past casino security (cameras / evidence / etc) holding an EXIT BAG, a known thing in Las Vegas, and unsurprisingly to me at least, he had his cannabis EXIT BAG along with the contents confiscated and told if he did it again and was caught with cannabis on the property he'd be thrown out.

I had no such issues but likely because I didn't go waving my EXIT BAG in the face of the people who are there working to protect me during my stay.

Vegas is still in a transition from cannabis being hated to being loved.

The people with anger are the ones with a beer in one hand or with kids holding their Mothers'.

Vegas is the perfect adult use town. Let me make that perfectly clear. Children should be banned at the gate as far as I'm concerned. Do not bring your children to Vegas, it's very simple.

Already an adult use town, Las Vegas has no local issue with the adult use of beer or the adult use of gambling, prostitution or for our specific matter, cannabis.

Once the federal laws change to deschedule THC, you will see a land rush in Las Vegas like you've never seen before.

Adult use will be everywhere and Las Vegas will be the absolute spinning centre of it.