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Cannabis from a locker.

by Marijuana Staff
"In the fastest growing industry in the world, QwikLeaf is deploying the first network of cannabis delivery pick-up locations for cannabis."

Neil Biafore, CEO and Founder at QwikLeaf

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., April 15, 2021. QwikLeaf has announced the world's first smart locker solution for cannabis deliveries.

The platform allows for cannabis customers to order online and pick-up orders from a locker location of their choice.

"We have spent years building the first smart locker platform for ordering cannabis and now is the time to take QwikLeaf to the public. The technology we have built will lay the foundation for click-and-collect entry into the cannabis industry. QwikLeaf is powering the drive of the most disruptive consumer trend of the last century. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to deploy the world's first network of smart lockers dedicated to cannabis sales"

QwikLeaf makes buying cannabis online fast, safe, and as easy as in any other industry, offering customers in particular an alternative to ordering at dispensaries.

QwikLeaf is set to install 75 smart lockers for cannabis delivery throughout Los Angeles, California starting mid-summer 2021.

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