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7th time lucky

by Marijuana Staff

The Unicode peeps have rejected a cannabis emoji 6 times.

I dunno about you, but I'm getting very tired of using a broccoli emoji to express my displeasure at being persecuted by the govt. for deciding the origin of my "legal" cannabis medicine.

Upside to this story is that there is a way to lobby the Unicode peeps.

You can make a submission and even if you're not successful, you'll be able to say on your LinkedIn that you were rejected by Unicode for your cannabis emoji submission.

If you are successful, imagine the kudos you receive as the creator of the weed emoji.

I could make the weed emoji

You have until July 31 to lodge your submission, and it needs to follow the guidelines exactly or it won't qualify and it will cause the whole thing to reset for another 2 years, as emoji previously submitted go onto a list and then need to wait out a 2 year period before they can be submitted again.

Emoji declined within the last two years are not eligible for re-review.

The last cannabis emoji submitted and declined was in 2019, specifically 3/29/2019, so another can be submitted now, and I encourage people to do so quick.

Obviously, please be an artist with a unique creation that you have actually made and are willing to freely license as per the Unicode guidelines.

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