We've been calling on our elected officials to grant patients an amnesty on the home grow of medical cannabis since 2016 when cannabis became legal (although mostly unavailable / inaccessible) in Australia.

It is inconceivable that patients can be approved to purchase cannabis, but only the cannabis being sold at more than quadruple the legacy market price.

We want this situation to change, and we think the only way it will change is by lobbying our elected officials to make the change to the current laws around the home grow of cannabis for patients.

Over the past 5 years since it became legal in Australia, patients have been forced by the govt. to buy their special type of legal cannabis, because Australian patients are not permitted by their govt. to grow their own medical cannabis.

5 years into a legal cannabis regime we now have a situation where the price of the legal cannabis even exceeds the numbers quoted for cannabis seized by Police.

The #irony isn't being lost on patients.

Help us to help patients.

Contact your Senators and make your voice heard.

Find and follow us on Twitter.

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