We've been calling on our elected officials to grant patients an amnesty on the home grow of medical cannabis since 2016 when cannabis became legal (although mostly unavailable / inaccessible) in Australia.

Australian medical cannabis is expensive. [1]

Over the past 6 years since it became "legal", patients have been forced by the govt. to buy a special type of cannabis.

Patients can't grow the special cannabis though, because Australian patients are not permitted by their govt. to grow their own medical cannabis.

Industry silence on homegrow is the way it conspires with govt. to maintain the monopoly.

The fact that they fear competition from home gardeners, should be enough to get any investor doing the most superficial of research to run screaming from the building.

We want this situation to change, and we think the best way it will change is by lobbying our elected officials to make a small alteration to the current laws around home grown cannabis for patients, so as to allow a defence at law for growing your own cannabis if you have been previously approved by a doctor and the TGA to buy it.

Simple is often the best, and we think a simple solution to the problem could be both elegant and take immediate effect, now that we have a new federal Labor govt., off the back of Green preferences.

The independent Senate Inquiry into medical cannabis access recommended the state governments pursue an amnesty into homegrow. [2]

We think there could not be a better time to implement it that right now.

Help us to help patients.

Contact your Senators and make your voice heard.

Find and follow us on Twitter.

  1. The most recent Freshleaf report (H2-2021), found that $17.64 is the average price for one gram of legal medical cannabis flower. This does not include the cost of the visit to the doctor or the mandatory follow up consults required to continue obtaining prescriptions.
  2. Recomendation 20. Current barriers to patient access to medicinal cannabis in Australia. 5.107. The committee recommends that the Australian Government, through COAG, encourage a review of state and territory criminal legislation in relation to: amnesties for the possession and/or cultivation of cannabis for genuine self-medication purposes; and current drug driving laws and their implications for patients with legal medicinal cannabis prescriptions.
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