Medical Cannabis was made legal in Australia back in November of 2016.

Unfortunately though, many patients are still finding it difficult to access doctors who are willing to do the extra work involved in the prescription of medical cannabis.

If you're a patient who is looking for a doctor who includes medical cannabis in their suite of tools, the options available to you are still quite limited.

In the first instance, it always makes sense to talk to your GP.

They may have already accessed the Therapeutic Goods Authority (TGA) system for another patient, and in any case, they should already be familiar with the AP, or SAS pathways.

If your GP thinks cannabis isn't for you, or isn't familiar or willing to investigate further, then you will need to search out a specialist Cannabis clinic or a doctor more familiar with the TGA processes.

Here's the official TGA guidance notes for medical cannabis.

Here is an article from Honalee that goes into far greater detail listing the clinics along with their pricing.

You can also search for doctors that understand about medical cannabis over at Medical Cannabis Doctors Australia.

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