The technology being used to grow, harvest, dry and pack legal medical cannabis is mostly the same as that being used in the legacy market.

There are obviously a few exceptions, and there are some rules that need to be followed if you want to stay a part of the legal cannabis industry.

If you have plans of one day becoming a legal cultivator, importer or manufacturer of cannabis in Australia, here's some pages for you dig deeper.

Hydroponics Lighting Environment Security Remediation
Run to waste HPS Carbon dioxide Lab tests TGA
Flood and drain LED Ventilation Disinfection ODC
Aeroponics Outdoor Propagation Drying GACP
Nutrients Organics Odour Trimming GMP
NFT Sticky traps Ozone Packing TGO93
Aquaponics IPM UV Labeling SOPs
Terpenes Distillates Extraction Labeling GS1

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