Our website is targeted at a very broad audience.

We have a mission to make our content useful to patients, as well as providing an environment where medical cannabis companies and investors in the sector can feel comfortable.

If your business is trying to talk to patients or companies in the medical cannabis sector, feel free to reach out and see if we can help you better connect with your ideal customers.

We don't accept any kind of cash for comment, but we do accept cash for ads. : )

If you represent an ASX company in the space, or an up and comer who wants to raise their profile, reach out and talk to us about improving your company profile page with video, extra content and custom images.

If you have jobs that need filling, reach out and talk to us about adding them to our jobs page.

We're a lot cheaper than the recruiters and jobs sites, and we're targeted at people who clearly have an interest in the sector.

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