Amnesty on home grow voted down in the Australian Senate.

by Marijuana Staff

Today is the first time an amnesty provision has been voted on, in either house of an Australian Parliament.

(btw and fwiw.. Same sex marriage in Australia took 22 times before it got passed.)

History of same-sex marriage in Australia - Wikipedia

The Greens introduced their amendment off the back of the Narcotics Drugs Amendment Bill 2022, which amongst other things, seeks to make provisions for the govt. to charge higher and more fees to the companies in the sector for licenses, permits and approvals..

#iow, your weed is about to get even more expensive, thanks to Labor holding hands with Lambie and the Liberals.

The amendment was direct and straight to the point.

Greens 2nd reading amendment to the Narcotics Drugs (License Charges) Amendment Bill.

It followed on from the list of Senate Inquiry recommendations that Labor was a part of creating during the inquiry that held into the current barriers to patient access to medicinal cannabis in Australia in 2019/20.

Specifically, Recommendation 20      

5.107    The committee recommends that the Australian Government, through COAG, encourage a review of state and territory criminal legislation in relation to:  

  • amnesties for the possession and/or cultivation of cannabis for genuine self-medication purposes; and            
  • current drug driving laws and their implications for patients with legal medicinal cannabis prescriptions.

Here's the list showing the 44 (of 76) Senators who voted.

If your Senator's name isn't in this list, please reach out to them and ask them why they didn't vote..

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