Arcview Consulting Unites With Cannabis Capital Group to Co-Develop Cannabis Licenses for Promising Businesses.

by Marijuana Staff

Companies To Educate, Build Business Plans, and Complete Licensing Applications for Hand-Selected Clientele.

"The Arcview Group is a very experienced team with an array of social-equity programs. Their connections paired with our government background allows us to successfully help the individuals we want representing the cannabis industry, including women, minorities, people of color, etc.,"

Eddie Armstrong, CEO and Chairman of the Cannabis Capital Group.

"Together, we plan to make a great impact on the current system and achieve something we will be proud of."

With the goal of co-creating businesses that have the potential to expand, both companies look to work with clientele who are long-term leaders. Whether a business plan is set in place or just being generated, companies are urged to reach out for help as early as possible. While Arcview Consulting focuses on developing unique strategies based on the selected cannabis markets, CCG will evaluate and file necessary state-required licensing paperwork for individual companies. Paying close attention to strict state application timelines, both companies will tackle additional business must-haves, such as an employment plan, diversity hiring components, the potential sales income, estimate cultivation yield, complete licensing paperwork, and market research.

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