Aurora introduces pastilles to Australian patients.

by Marijuana Staff

Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NASDAQ: ACB) (TSX: ACB), together with subsidiary company, MedReleaf Australia, have announced medical cannabis pastilles are now available for doctors to prescribe to patients in Australia.

The novel product is produced by Aurora and distributed by MedReleaf Australia.

"Australia is the largest nationally legal medical market globally, and as a long-standing supplier to MedReleaf Australia and recently announced parent company, we're eager to support the continued growth and development of the market,"
"The introduction of innovative and differentiated products, such as pastilles, and planned upcoming innovation, will provide Australian doctors expanded options for patient care and enhance patient access to the premium medical cannabis they seek,"

-Andre Jerome, Executive Vice President of Global Business Development, Aurora.

The 30-pack pastilles are available now in three formats including:

  • Aurora THC Pastilles in Watermelon flavour (5mg THC)
  • Aurora CBD Pastilles in Peach flavour (10mg CBD)
  • Aurora Balanced Pastilles in Yuzu Lemon flavour (5mg THC, 10mg CBD)

The new pastille products are available under the Aurora brand, and are exclusive to MedReleaf Australia. The initial pastille launch will be followed by new options in terms of pack size and potency, as well as future pastille offerings under the IndiMed brand.

"As a company committed to patients and expanding access to medical cannabis under the Australian program, bringing novel innovation to market clearly underscores our status as an industry frontrunner in Australia,"
"Our pre-dosed pastilles broaden our range of high quality, medical cannabis offerings and cater to all patient groups who may find the taste of oil or flower undesirable, providing a discrete, portable and cost effective alternative for those seeking medical cannabis as part of their regime,"

-Kristin Viccars, Managing Director at MedReleaf Australia.

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