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Australians can now access approved low-dose medicinal cannabis products online.

by Marijuana Staff
“Now there is a legal, reliable and safe way to have these products ordered online right here in Australia. For patients that are looking to manage their conditions this is a great step forward for accessibility for these plant-based alternative therapies,”

Dr Ben Jansen,Clinical Director and Founder of CDA Clinics.

“Since the TGA announcement, we’ve been inundated by patients asking us to streamline the process for low-dose CBD products without THC. Not everyone is looking to address chronic pain with medicinal cannabis. Some are looking for treatments for inflammation, others want a good night’s sleep. Working within the TGA guidelines, CDA Express provides a pathway for these Australians to easily access high-quality CBD therapies and plant-based medicines legally,”  

Rachael Cooney, General Manager of CDA Health.

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