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CAN considers Mildura leaseback

by Marijuana Staff

In the latest announcement from Cann Group (currently suspended $0.062 - ASX:CAN), the possibility of a leaseback of the Mildura facility has been raised by management.

Following on from their CEO resigning, this latest announcement only brings more questions.

The 17 question response to the ASX lodged today (25/3/24), mentions the word leaseback.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time this leaseback option has been publicly canvassed by Cann Group, once a darling of the ASX and with a share price that peaked at just over $3.55 a share back in April of 2018.

"These additional funding options currently being pursued include a convertible note issue, sale and leaseback of CAN’s Mildura facility, and a refinancing of existing debt."
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