CANNABIS BUYER'S CLUB a Finalist in the 4th annual Library of Congress Lavine/Ken Burns Prize for Film

by Marijuana Staff

California Buyer's Club tells the story around the late Dennis Peron(1945-2018).

The 4 part film is being billed as the definitive story of marijuana legalization in America.

The Better Angels Society, the Library of Congress, and the Crimson Lion/Lavine Family Foundation today announced the six finalists for the fourth annual Library of Cogress Lavine / Ken Burns Prize for Film.

The award recognizes one late-stage documentary that uses original research and compelling narrative to tell stories that bring American history to life using archival materials.

CANNABIS BUYERS CLUB, directed by Kip Andersen and Chris O'Connell
CANNABIS BUYERS CLUB tells the unknown story of the most important LGBTQ+ rights struggle of the 20th century. How a neglected group of people suffering the horrors of the AIDS pandemic in San Francisco were led by a Gay Vietnam Vet/renegade pot dealer to legalize medical marijuana.

The winning filmmaker will receive a $200,000 finishing grant to help with the final production and distribution of the film. In addition, one runner-up receives a grant of $50,000 and up to four finalists each receive a $25,000 grant. The funds are to be used for finishing, marketing, distribution, and outreach.

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