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Aims to raise awareness about key issues on behalf of licensed cannabis cultivators in B.C. and to address policymakers with a unified voice.

CCBC is a non-profit industry association dedicated to advocating for the growth of a responsible cannabis industry and advancing a favourable social, economic, and business environment for cannabis cultivation in B.C.

“B.C. has a thriving and fast-growing legal cannabis industry. Now is the time for B.C. producers to come together as a unified voice to provide leadership on important cultivation and production issues across the province and Canada. We look forward to working closely with governments at all levels, as well as like-minded organizations,” said Pure Sunfarms, President & CEO, Mandesh Dosanjh.
“Cannabis cultivated in B.C. has long been world-renowned for its world-class quality. CCBC will be instrumental to promoting B.C. cultivated cannabis for its unique terroir, as winemakers have done in various regions around the world for decades. CCBC will create a much stronger collective voice to ensure that cannabis producers in B.C. are well represented in the agricultural community and that they are set up to succeed as global cannabis markets open up,” said Jesse McConnell, CEO of Rubicon Organics.
“Tantalus aspires to honour the historic cultural heritage of B.C. cannabis. Every community across our province should have the opportunity to promote their local cannabis cultivators with pride and transparency and I am proud to stand with the other founders of the Cannabis Cultivators of B.C. in serving that bright future,” said Dan Sutton, CEO at Tantalus Labs.
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