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Flow Kana, Introduces Farmer’s Reserve, Emerald Triangle Craft Cannabis at Its Finest.

by Marijuana Staff
"Hand-cultivated to enrich its THC, terpenoid, and cannabinoid profiles, Farmer’s Reserve flower may be the most perfect expression of sungrown craft cannabis available anywhere in California."

Nurtured outdoors under full sunlight by master growers, Farmer’s Reserve flower reflects the pinnacle of each farmer’s dedication, commitment, and passion to the plant, offering terpenoid content measuring at least twice the industry average of 2.48% total, creating the best cannabis experience that Mother Nature can offer.

Launching with four strains from two Mendocino County homesteads, Woodman Peak and Livicated Farm, the collection showcases exceptional top-shelf sungrown flower that has been cultivated with care and precision in and around California’s famed Emerald Triangle, the most highly regarded cannabis growing region in the world. Lovingly grown in the rich microclimates where cannabis naturally produces its highest expression, Farmer’s Reserve’s sungrown flower’s remarkable terpene and cannabinoid profiles result in a one-of-a-kind full-body experience.

“With Farmer’s Reserve, we’re pairing our pride in the quality of the cannabis with the story of the farmers and their families,” says Michael Steinmetz, co-founder and CEO of Flow Cannabis Co., whose Flow Kana brand is the flagship. “These legacy craft farmers have life stories that are inextricably connected to their land and which deserve celebration. It’s our honor to give them scale so that consumers across California can experience what the Emerald Triangle has to offer.

“What’s more,” Steinmetz says, “the cannabis produced by our Farmer’s Reserve cultivators reflects the terroir in which it was nurtured, as well as the care and expertise required to grow, harvest, and cure it to perfection. Like an excellent Mendocino County Pinot Noir, Farmer’s Reserve reflects the land, the cool starry nights, the morning fog, and the afternoon heat that combine to make our area a slice of paradise. You can actually taste it in the cannabis!”

Woodman Peak’s Grease Bucket and Larry Cake and Livicated Farm’s Banana Cake and Vital Grapes strains mark the Farmer’s Reserve launch with the best that the Emerald Triangle has to offer. Each jar of Farmer’s Reserve features the name and location of the providing farm replete with the farmer’s signature and a detailed assessment of the various cannabinoids and terpenes contained in each batch that captures its Entourage Effect — the potent full body experience that sungrown cannabis offers through the interplay of its elements.

“What we see from cross-testing is that the average flower contains about 1.5% total terpene content,” says Alec Dixon, the co-founder of SC Labs, a certified testing facility in Santa Cruz. “All of the strains I’ve seen so far from Farmer’s Reserve are anywhere between 2.5% to 3% total terpene content. It’s exceptionally high, which is clearly going to have an amazing effect not only on the overall potency but also the unique effect that it ultimately provides.”

Jeremiah Woodard of Livicated Farm isn’t surprised by the lab reports. “Growing cannabis in and of itself isn’t complicated. Growing craft cannabis, however, requires all of the dedication, communication, love, and care that you can give to the plant,” he says, “and what the plant gives back is remarkable.” Chris Vaughn, who owns Woodman Peak with his wife Casey Vaughn, agrees. “The flavors you get with sungrown cannabis are like nothing else. At the end of the day, you can’t put a price tag on it.”

Farmer’s Reserve flower can be found at dozens of fine dispensaries across California, including 420 Kingdom (Arvin); Airfield Supply Co. (San Jose); California Caregivers Alliance (Los Angeles); Cannavine (Ukiah); Columbia Care (San Diego); Eco Cannabis (Oakland); Onalife (San Francisco); Green Goddess Collective (Venice); KindPeoples (Santa Cruz); Treehouse (Santa Cruz); Winter Greens (Truckee); and others.

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