Grace's bong is not news.

by Marijuana Staff

Yesterday, an image was published by the Daily Mail that featured Grace Tame.

The image was of Grace sitting with a massive smile on her face.

There was also a bong in the picture.

A teenager pictured with a bong is not a story.

The story is how people reacted.

The story is how DailyMail got ratio'd.

The story is how almost every politician on both sides of the aisle has run from this story like scalded cats.

The story is a LOT bigger than most people realise.

The story is also about how the media seeks to demonize people who consume cannabis and how it almost always appears to coincide with other stories with similar themes.

On Sunday night we saw 60minutes do a promo piece on Scott Morrison, where Grace's character was called into question by the PM's wife.

On Monday we got an article about Grace with a photograph of her smiling with a bong.

I would have thought the odds of these things being a coincidence are fairly low.

There is an upside.

This story is about how you can change the narrative.

Look at the replies. DailyMail got ratio'd. Now you can say what you will about the media, but the only thing I know to be true is that media is driven by profit. Scroll to see what happened a few hours later. Defence.

Now we get another story defending Grace.

And then we get the Dailymail asking is it time to legalise..

Followed by an Endagine story which trailed Grace's slapdown of the pic on twitter.

Lisa Wilkinson jumps aboard.

and now we push while the issue has some air.


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