Growing with Old Pal.

by Marijuana Staff
"At Old Pal, we believe in having a close connection with the cannabis plant and wanted to offer our customers a first-hand experience of what that feels like. We know that this plant is special and we wanted to share the magic of growing your own cannabis with all the folks in our community," added Old Pal CEO, Rusty Willenkin.

The contrast between the rest of the world and Australia couldn't be more stark.

Our licensed growers tell people that growing your own cannabis is dangerous, but in America, not so much..

In California, you can now celebrate 420, with an Old Pal Grow Your Own kit.

Plants are 28 to 40 days old and already halfway through their life cycle when purchased from participating delivery or dispensary partners.

Each plant comes in an Old Pal decorated one-gallon pot and they'll be available across California at select dispensaries and DTC.

Plants will already be feeding on nutrient-dense soil when they arrive and Ladybug Farms will also include some tips, tricks, care instructions along with an Old Pal playlist offering inspiration for both plant and grower to inspire a healthy yield.

Given the right environment and their simple instructions, buyers can expect an exciting 30-45 days as their buds grow dense and potent.

Mother Nature doesn't offer guarantees, but the result should produce an enjoyable half to one ounce of fresh, smokeable flower grown to be shared responsibly in the Old Pal way.

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