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Joints for justice

by Marijuana Staff

$1 of every pre-roll sold is going to the advancement of Cannabis Amnesty’s initiatives.

Entourage Health Corp. (formerly WeedMD Inc.) (TSX-V:ENTG) (OTCQX:ETRGF) (FSE:4WE) announced today that its Royal City Cannabis Co. brand has launched ‘RC Joints for Justice’, a retail campaign designed to support the work of Cannabis Amnesty, an independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to remedying the harms caused by decades of cannabis prohibition.

The organization pushes for equitable and evidence-based cannabis policy reform and raises awareness around inequities within the cannabis industry.

The 3 x 0.5 gram pre-roll packages produced by Royal City, are available at the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) and participating retail outlets across the province.

Proceeds of each ‘RC Joints for Justice’ sold, $1 per pre-roll or $3 per pack, goes directly to Cannabis Amnesty to help fund efforts that support the organization’s mandate, including assisting people in navigating the pardon process and advancing social equity programs.

“As long-time cannabis advocates that helped seed the Canadian cannabis market, we are proud to support Cannabis Amnesty with the launch of our ‘Joints for Justice’ campaign to help those in our communities disproportionately and unfairly impacted by cannabis convictions,” - George Scorsis, CEO and Executive Chair, Entourage.
“It’s imperative that we remove social and economic barriers and that we pay homage to our patients and the growers that advocated for legalizing cannabis in the first place. We also firmly believe those who have faced negative consequences due to cannabis-related charges deserve recognition and commendation for their contributions to our industry – and we’re honoured to bring this awareness to the retail consumer.”
“Cannabis Amnesty is proud to partner with Entourage for the RC Joints for Justice initiative,” said Annamaria Enenajor, founder and Executive Director of Cannabis Amnesty.
“This ground-breaking program provides an opportunity for the entire cannabis community to spark change through the cannabis they consume. The ongoing and reliable source of funding will support meaningful policy changes and allow Cannabis Amnesty to develop long-term programming in support of our mission. Joints for Justice is a testament to the opportunity that exists within the industry to harness cannabis legalization to benefit those most affected by prohibition.”

A recent report authored by the OCS and Deloitte found that Canadians want to see more support provided to communities most impacted by convictions for small personal possessions that would be considered legal today.

Racialized communities in Canada have been disproportionately impacted by arrests for cannabis possession, despite similar – or lower – rates of consumption compared to non-racialized communities.

Additionally, as part of the partnership, there will be a collaborative effort to develop resources to help retailers educate consumers about the negative effects cannabis criminalization has had on individuals.

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