Kill Cliff Octane: Killer Cliffsicle CBD + Caffeine

by Marijuana Staff
“The two things consumers want most daily are caffeine and cannabis. By combining the best attributes from our Ignite and CBD lines, we’re pioneering a brand new category. Demand for this product is through the roof and we’re happy to be the first mover to supply it.”

Kill Cliff CEO, John Timar.

The limited edition Kill Cliff Octane Killer Cliffsicle, is poised to close out a banner year for the clean energy drink company. In 2021, Kill Cliff: booked record sales, released two new beverages with Joe Rogan, created a drink and Esports Tournament with Israel Adesanya, signed a national CBD distribution deal and launched its own OTT network app Kill Cliff TV. Most impressively, Kill Cliff also surpassed its goal of raising $1,000,000 for The Navy SEAL Foundation.

Founded by a Navy SEAL, Kill Cliff is the nation's fastest growing clean energy and CBD beverage brand.

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