Marijuana to mushrooms

by Marijuana Staff

Marijuana Strategic Ventures, Inc. (OTC:MSVI) announced that the Company has officially changed its name to Mushrooms, Inc., through the filing of amended and restated articles of incorporation with the Nevada Secretary of State.

In addition to changing the Company’s name to Mushrooms, Inc., the Company announces the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer, Kimberly Carlson, who will be focused on implementing a new business model based on functional mushrooms.

Donald Steinberg, the Company’s director, said,

“The name change to Mushrooms, Inc. is fundamental to the Company’s shift from a focus on the cannabis industry to the functional mushroom industry. I am thrilled to announce that our new CEO, Kimberly Carlson, will lead the transition to the emerging mushroom industry. Over the years I have watched her build companies through collective collaboration with her peers and competition. Her ability to bring people together from a variety of areas is welcome as we move into the Mushroom world. This is a vastly growing industry that offers so much to health and the environment as she brings forth new products and ideas to the forefront. She combines functional creativity with a high level of administrative talents that are essential to success in a newly emerging market.”

Kimberly Carlson, CEO, said,

“We see components of mushrooms successfully replacing leather, fiberglass insulation, packaging materials and so much more. This is a blossoming world that is just awakening into the minds of the consumer. The health benefits are continuing to unfold and the well-established contributions to wellness are being embraced in the marketplace. This is an exciting time to dive into the discovery and provide products that will not only benefit our bodies and minds but show that we can cost effectively switch to alternative methods of production that support the needed repair to our environment. We have divided our current business efforts into 3 major categories: Research & Development, Innovation, and Health. I believe this tri-focus will enable Mushrooms, Inc. to best develop, implement and share the benefits for mind, body and environment.”
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