New ODC Online Portal for Licence Applications Coming July 2024

by Marijuana Staff

The Office of Drug Control is transitioning to a new online system for submitting licence applications starting in mid-2024. This change will impact how applicants submit new licences across several categories.

From July 1, 2024, all new licence applications must be submitted through a secure client portal with web-based forms. Key features of the new online forms include:

  • Ability to auto-populate information fields
  • Option to save application progress and return later
  • Tracking status updates on submitted applications

The first licence types moving to the new portal are the medicinal cannabis licence and narcotic drug manufacture licence applications. All other licence, permit, and notification form types will progressively transition to the online portal system over time.

For Those Not Yet Started:

If you plan to submit a new application between now and July 1, 2024, you have two options:

Wait until July 1 to begin using the new online smart forms and take advantage of the updated features and functionality.

Register at to request an interim manual application form if needed before July.

The current PDF/Word documents and existing smart form versions for medicinal cannabis licences, narcotic manufacture licences, and informed consent processes are being phased out.

For Applications In-Progress:

If you have already started an application using the current forms, you must complete and submit it by June 14, 2024. The existing medicinal cannabis licence form will be decommissioned on June 15, 2024, and any draft applications will no longer be accessible after that date.

Support Resources Coming:

The ODC team will provide support articles, guides, and other resources to assist applicants with the transition to the new online portal system. Inquiries can be sent to

With this modern online platform, the Office of Drug Control aims to streamline the licence application process with auto-populated fields, save capabilities, and application tracking for a smoother experience.

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