One Nation to table Medical Cannabis Defence Bill.

by Marijuana Staff

South Australian One Nation MP, Sarah Game MLC has posted on twitter that she will be tabling a Bill to offer a complete defence for medical cannabis patients where impairment can not be established, in South Australia's Upper House, The Legislative Council.

The Bill is called, The Statutes Amendment (Medical Cannabis Defence) Bill 2023.

It will be interesting to see the specifics of the Bill, esp. around what is and isn't a valid prescription.

As many patients would know, a prescription for any other type of pain relief medication might sit around in the medicine cabinet for years at a time.

Speaking as a medical cannabis patient who has been let down by the current South Australian government on almost every turn of the (knife) law, it would be a sensible thing indeed if this new Bill could be applied to any genuine patient who has ever seen a doctor and been issued a prescription.

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