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Puffco drops the PROXY

by Marijuana Staff

Puffco, has unveiled its newest flagship product, the Puffco Proxy.

The portable, modular vaporizer boasts a unique pipe design which will form the core of a rich ecosystem of accessories.

The Proxy’s base unit employs the same 3D heating technology that first debuted as a high-performance add-on to Puffco’s award-winning Peak Pro device.

The 3D Chamber optimizes heating on all sides for superior flavor and a better experience, with an Oculus carb cap that features a directional air-path to maximize vapor production.

The Proxy has a simple push-button interface, with four programmed heat settings.

Initially configured with a pipe, the Proxy base unit is removable for compatibility and customization with other pipe accessories, for broad flexibility in cannabis consumption experience.

“The Puffco Proxy celebrates cannabis by creating connections -- not only to the plant and its cultural legacy but also to our community and friends,”

-Roger Volodarsky, CEO and Founder of Puffco.

“Its familiar pipe form honors the rich heritage of cannabis and invites you to connect with others who share a passion for dabbing and other modes of consumption. The Proxy is also one of our smallest devices, which makes it very portable and discreet. We designed it so you can enjoy broad consumption flexibility, compatible with an array of future accessories from our ecosystem, along with those from a world of talented glass artists. The Proxy’s innovative base design offers glass artists a broad new canvas and platform to create meaningful pieces, which we are really excited about.”

Rolling out over the next couple months, the Proxy ecosystem of accessories will allow for a customizable consumption experience. The patented Proxy comes in a carrying case which features a compartment for the USB-C cable, an extra chamber storage and slot for concentrate jars.

The Proxy ($299.99) is available at

Established in 2013, Puffco is headquartered in Los Angeles.

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