Rowdy Rooster hemp pet bedding

by Marijuana Staff

Generation Hemp, Inc. (OTCQB: GENH), today announced that its new Rowdy Rooster Hemp animal bedding line is now available for purchase through Amazon.

The bedding is created from the hemp hurd byproduct (the woody inner portion of the hemp stalk) that is produced by the Company’s harvested hemp processing operations. The utilization of this byproduct contributes to the Company’s commitment to its ESG program (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) by utilizing the entire plant to offer a compostable, biodegradable, and chemical free bedding product, while adding an additional revenue stream.

Hemp hurd animal bedding is one of the healthiest animal bedding materials. Hemp hurd bedding is more than twice as absorbent as wood shavings to trap waste, it is low dust, and its natural properties are resistant to bacteria, mold, and pests. All these characteristics combine to make hemp hurd animal bedding superior to traditional bedding materials.

Rowdy Rooster’s ultra-fine milling process results in bedding that is extremely soft.

Predominantly imported to the United States, hemp hurd and fiber products have not been as accessible as other materials, which has limited their market exposure. Generation Hemp seeks to leverage the limited market exposure of hemp hurd and position itself as a leader in the market with hemp hurd made and sold within the United States.

Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, Melissa Pagen commented, “Of all sales channels, Amazon has been an early mover in providing animal bedding made of hemp hurd, and with the number of product reviews, it’s clear that consumers know that Amazon is a channel where hemp animal bedding can be found. However, there seem to be very few manufacturers to provide this product – and as far as we are aware, no other manufacturer’s products are made in the USA, sourcing their hemp hurd from U.S. farmers. We are so committed to providing a US based product, that even our milling equipment is made in the USA.”

Hemp animal bedding sells for approximately $2.00 per pound on average, but as high as $10.00 per pound. Based on testimonials, any hesitation of consumers to the price per pound is offset by how long hemp bedding lasts. Rowdy Rooster Hemp animal bedding is selling for a discount at approximately $1.50 per pound but sold in volume units, as is the standard for animal bedding. Currently, Generation Hemp sells Rowdy Rooster Hemp animal bedding in two sizes of bags at 24 L (5 lbs.) and 141 L (24 lbs.), for $7.49 and $35.99, respectively.

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