Shredding it.

by Marijuana Staff

Canadian cereal brand Shreddies has opened a wheat dispensary.

Yeah. Not a misspell.

A wheat dispensary.

Apparently, there's so many weed dispensaries in Toronto atm, cereal brands have taken to pulling the piss out of them.

The wheat dispensary has different strains of wheat available, such as You Got This, The Smiley Face, The Avant-Garde and the Good-Good.

Marketing itself as the original edible, Shreddies is attaching itself to cannabis in a way none thought possible for a brand just a few short years ago.

Start your morning on a high-note at the Shreddies Wheat Dispensary.

I'm sure some will get a giggle out of this concept, and on one level it appeals to me as an example of weed finally mainstreaming, but for the most part I find it a little lacking.

If your brand wants to piggy back on weed consumers it needs to go all in on culture and it needs to bring something to the table.

Give us a free concert, festival or event.

Nobody rides for free.

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