So you thought weed for pets was wild..

by Marijuana Staff

MycoDog, has announced the release of three new mushroom based tinctures for pets.

VITALITY for cancer and autoimmune diseases, CLARITY for CCD, nervous system and emotional support, and BREATHE for respiratory and cardiovascular support.

These mushroom-based extracts were formulated by botanical pet medicine expert Angela Ardolino, in collaboration with myco-alchemist Jason Scott, and are all triple-extracted from the fruiting bodies of fungi cultivated and wild-harvested in the United States.

Mushrooms absorb toxins from the environment in which they're cultivated. So, MycoDog only uses mushrooms that are grown and harvested in the US Pacific Northwest.

MycoDog mushroom extracts are preserved in organic glycerin which is said to make them more bio-available than powdered versions.

MycoDog's backstory centres around the founder Angela Ardolino and her journey as a holistic pet healer and founder of CBD Dog Health, which produces a range of cannabis health and wellness products for pets.

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