Featured Stanley brothers

Stanley Brothers launch Cannabis crowdfunding in Australia.

by Marijuana Staff

The Stanley brothers have launched their new brand with a crowd funding campaign in Australia at Birchal.

The Stanley brothers are known for their work with Charlottes Web.

This new crowdfunding  campaign from Stanley Brothers follows on from several recent and successful crowdfunding offers from cannabis businesses, including Montu, Cannaponics, Levin Health, Medibis, MediCann, and Medigrowth.

The Stanley Brothers have secured a multi year exclusive distribution agreement with ASX listed Vitura (ASX:VIT) and will list their new range on the Canview platform.

The stated objective is to become the leading brand in the market, quickly.

The launch will include a flower range that appears to be an imported one, sourced from Colombia, and it will include a line vapes, oils and edibles.

Native landrace strains from the Colombian mountains are quoted in the crowdfund offer.

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