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Stiiizy opens in Benicia.

by Marijuana Staff

STIIIZY Benicia will open on Saturday, September 25.

STIIIZY Benicia will contribute over 39 jobs to the area and signals a new era when cities recognize cannabis’ transformative potential and work collaboratively with cannabis companies to positively impact the community.

The retail space will include a 600 square foot art gallery, featuring an exhibition by Arts Benicia Presents that will feature works by artists with studios located in the historic Arsenal District of Benicia including Paula Boas, Laura Garcia, Joe Garcia, Susan Marcus Sachs and Randall Sextona.

“STIIIZY Benicia is one of our most exciting new locations, not only because we know we’re serving a population where many of our customers reside, but also because of the wonderful partnership we have with Arts Benicia and the city government,”

Shryne Group CEO Jon Avidor.

“We believe cannabis has the power to bring people together in very positive ways, so we’re thrilled that Benicia is allowing us to become part of an already strong local community.”
“The City of Benicia has been diligently working for many years to introduce a retail cannabis location to our community, and this week we are thrilled to celebrate the opening of STIIIZY Benicia, a retail outlet of the Shryne Group,”

Mayor of Benicia Steve Young.

“STIIIZY represents the very best in the cannabis industry and on Saturday, September 25th they open their doors to the public and call Benicia their new home.”

STIIIZY Benicia (state license number: C10-0000879-LIC) is located at 160 E. N Street, in Benicia, and will open for its first day of operation on Saturday, September 25th, 2021 at 10 A.M.

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