2023 - A Space Amnesty

Australians will likely see legal weed in space before we see legal weed in the backyard.

2023 - A Space Amnesty

In 2023, weed is going to be grown in space!

Redwire just announced that the first-ever commercially owned greenhouse will be installed on the International Space Station (ISS).

Dewey Scientific is expected to be Redwire’s customer for the inaugural flight.

Dewey Scientific will grow industrial hemp in the Greenhouse for a gene expression study.

The company collaborated with Redwire, contributing technical details about the 60-day experiment and describing its potential to demonstrate the capabilities of the facility, while advancing biomedical and biofuels research.

“Building on our long track record of partnering with commercial organizations like Tupperware, Eli Lilly and now Dewey Scientific, Redwire Greenhouse is another groundbreaking step forward in Redwire’s demonstrated leadership in establishing a viable commercial economy in low-Earth orbit. Through partnerships with Redwire, space is open for business,”

John Vellinger, Redwire’s Executive Vice President of In-Space Manufacturing and Operations.

The Redwire Greenhouse leverages flight-qualified Redwire plant growth technology, including Passive Orbital Nutrient Delivery System (PONDS) devices.

These devices were developed in partnership with Tupperware Brands and are currently operated by Redwire on the ISS.

Larger, scalable versions of the Greenhouse can be flown for customers with varying crop-growing requirements or alternate plant support systems.

Besides PONDS, Redwire has managed plant investigations in the NASA-owned Advanced Plant Habitat since 2018.

Redwire Greenhouses provide a scalable commercial solution for customers seeking to advance crop science from benchtop laboratory facilities to true production in space.

Original release appears below;

Redwire to Develop First Commercial Space Greenhouse to Improve Crop Science on Earth and Support Future Space Exploration Missions
Redwire Corporation (NYSE: RDW), a leader in space infrastructure for the next generation space economy, announced today that it will be developing th