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Public hearings into the Legalising Cannabis Bill 2023 start in Brisbane.

The public hearings part of the Senate Committee inquiry into the Legalising Cannabis Bill 2023 bill (Senator David Shoebridge - Greens) have started this morning in Brisbane.
by Marijuana Staff

Reset withdraws offer & former first female Attorney General (Chairperson) of W.A resigns.

As can be seen by the announcement though, an immediate resignation has occurred and failing any further clarification from LGP, I'd be guessing that all anyone can do now is speculate on the reasons.
by Marijuana Staff

NY posts a preview of the new rules governing homegrow.

The New York State Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) has released a preview of the proposed adult-use home cultivation regulations package.
by Marijuana Staff
Featured ASX:NTI Neurotech asx

Neurotech gets another approval around autism.

"The lack of side effects with NTI164 and the significant clinical improvements we've observed in these patients necessitates a long term treatment plan."
by Marijuana Staff

EcoFibre sells hemp food and animal fibre business.

Funds from the sale will be used to provide additional working capital for the Ecofibre group as it continues to refine its focus on core businesses and reduce debt.
by Marijuana Staff
Featured asx potstocks

A handy guide to Australian potstocks.

So anyway, it is always pain trying to find/remember all of them, so I've made a listicle to make it easy for everyone. Here's your current list of Australian listed potstocks.
by Marijuana Staff

1 in 6 Americans acknowledge CURRENT cannabis use, and 70% think it should be legal.

The poll result for the question framed around support for the legal use of Marijuana is now sitting at 70%. This represents a massive shift in the past six decades from 12% to 70%.
by Marijuana Staff

Neurotech Receives HREC Approval to Commence Phase I/II Cerebral Palsy Trial.

NTI164 is a proprietary drug formulation derived from a unique cannabis strain with low THC (M<0.3%) and a novel combination of cannabinoids including CBDA, CBC, CBDP, CBDB and CBN.
by Marijuana Staff

Humboldt Seed Company Debuts First High-Potency Triploid Cannabis Seeds

"This seed release has been a long time coming," - Benjamin Lind, co-founder and chief science officer of Humboldt Seed Company.
by Marijuana Staff
Featured Albo AUSPOL

PM pleads the 5th

In reply to a question from 3AW's Neil Mitchell if he's ever done weed, the Prime Minister said that he would "take the fifth".
by Marijuana Staff

Incannex moves to the NASDAQ

Incannex Healthcare Inc. (NASDAQ: IXHL) has redomiciled Incannex Healthcare from Australia to the United States, November 28, 2023 New York time (November 29, 2023 Melbourne time).
by Marijuana Staff

Cannabis and COVID (study)

"Marijuana smokers had better outcomes and mortality compared to non-users."
by Marijuana Staff

Tastes like chicken..

In a nutshell, the project is about “Releasing the potential of feathers to foster circularity in agriculture”.
by Marijuana Staff

Groundhogs don't get human rights

Despite having Labor governments in nearly all Australian states and territories, none have sought to try and move the needle on homegrow to help patients.
by Marijuana Staff

How to kill the illicit cannabis market - a guide.

It should also be allowed to freely traded and gifted, an approach which was demonstrated best by the example set by Thailand when the government freed 3000 cannabis prisoners and gave away one million cannabis plants.
by Marijuana Staff
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