Cosmic Wins Two Trophies for Live Resin Extracts at 2021 Emerald Cup

SANTA ROSA, Calif., April 13, 2021 -- Radiant's Cosmic brand of cannabis extracts won two trophies at the prestigious 2021 Emerald Cup on Sunday, and was also the only contestant selected as a top-10 finalist in both hydrocarbon concentrate categories.
by Marijuana Staff

Emerald Cup 2021 and SC Labs Partner on New Data Driven Approach.

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - The Emerald Cup is testing and sorting flower entries into categories using terpene data as part of the judging process.
by Marijuana Staff
Featured tga

TGA SAS Category B approvals hit 100K

The TGA announced today that total medical cannabis approvals had hit 100,000 with 9959 being recorded for March 2021.
by Marijuana Staff

LCWA takes the last seat.

Antony Green has called the last spot in the WA election and [drum roll] it goes to the WA Legalise Cannabis party.
by Marijuana Staff
Featured schumer SAFE

Schumer pushes forward.

In a wide ranging interview with Politico, Chuck Schumer vowed to take the issue of federal cannabis legalisation further.
by Marijuana Staff

NYPD says, "Let em smoke."

Smoking cannabis is allowed “almost anywhere that cigarette smoking is allowed including on sidewalks, on front stoops and other public places.”
by Marijuana Staff

New York legalizes marijuana.

New York. State lawmakers today voted to approve The Marijuana Revenue and Taxation Act (MRTA), legalizing and regulating adult-use marijuana in New York State, and permitting anyone over the age of 21 to grow 6 plants at home.
by Marijuana Staff

New York To Legalize, Tax, And Regulate Adult-Use Marijuana.

"When this bill becomes law, New York will be poised to implement a nation-leading model for what marijuana legalization can look like."
by Marijuana Staff

Heritage Cannabis Announces Receipt of the First Health Canada Cannabis Export License Granted for Brazil

Heritage (CSE: CANN) (OTCQX: HERTF) (“Heritage” or the “Company”), today announced that Health Canada has granted Heritage with the first ever license to export cannabis products from Canada to Brazil.
by Marijuana Staff

Growing with Old Pal.

"At Old Pal, we believe in having a close connection with the cannabis plant and wanted to offer our customers a first-hand experience of what that feels like. We know that this plant is special and we wanted to share the magic of growing your own cannabis with all the folks in our community,"
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