Brazil approves medical cannabis home grow.

by Marijuana Staff

A panel of five Judges of the Superior Court of Justice were unanimous in their agreement that three patients can grow cannabis and extract the oil to use for pain relief.

Judge Rogerio Scietti said the Court acted because the government failed to take a scientific position on the issue.

Just like Australia, Brazil's health ministry is yet to make any regulation around the home grow of cannabis for medical use.

The judgement comes on the heels of protests that took place all over thje country in the past few days.

“The discourse against this possibility is moralistic. It often has a religious nature, based on dogmas, on false truths, stigmas,”

-Judge Schietti.

“Let us stop this prejudice, this moralism that delays the development of this issue at the legislative, and many times clouds the minds of Brazilian judges.”

-Judge Antonio Saldanha.

“there is a deliberately backward action toward obscurantism” in Brazil’s government’s delay.

President Jair Bolsanaro said in 2021 that he disagreed with any authorisation for Brazilians to grow cannabis at home, no matter their aim.

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