Cann Group re-lists on the ASX. Shares drop 30% on the news.

by Marijuana Staff

At 7PM Eastern time, June 3, Cann (ASX:CAN) released the news that they'd be re-listing on the ASX. This is the effective removal of their suspension and follows on from news we reported on that they were considering a leaseback of the Mildura facility.

This re-listing announcement follows on from their Pro-forma Consolidated Statement of Financial Position announcement and their Update to the Q3 Appendix 4C Quarterly Cash Flow Report, that were released earlier in the same day.

The re-entry to the ASX doesn't end their problems. Some might even say that being in suspension gave them more room to move and less opportunity to fail.

Only time will tell.

Author has no position in ASX:CAN.

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