Charlotte's Web Secures Health Canada Approval to Bring its Proprietary CBD Cultivars to Canada

by Marijuana Staff
"Today, Charlotte's Web is the leading hemp wellness company in the U.S. with the most recognized and trusted hemp CBD extract,"

Deanie Elsner, Charlotte's Web president and CEO.

"We aspire to be the world's leading botanicals wellness company, entering countries with an asset light model where federal laws permit hemp extracts for health and wellness. Israel and Canada are included in the first steps of our international expansion."

In addition to the Company's CW1AS1 cultivar, Charlotte's Web is bringing two early maturing hemp varieties to Canada – named "Duchess" and "Ambassador" - developed for cultivation in shorter northern climate growing seasons.

Charlotte's Web's approved cultivars are three of 15 added to the 2021 LOAC.

"The majority of approved cultivars on the LOAC to date have been for industrial hemp grown to produce food, fiber, and animal feed. Now our approved cultivars are paving the way for full-spectrum hemp CBD demand in Canada and most importantly, will provide access to Charlotte's Web products in Canada."

Jared Stanley, co-founder and chief cultivation officer of Charlotte's Web.

Despite Canada being one of the first countries to federally legalize the sale of cannabis, the hemp CBD wellness category is underdeveloped in Canada, with limited offerings of quality full-spectrum hemp extract products.


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