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Dewey Scientific Announces Peer Reviewed Research Identifying the First Powdery Mildew Resistance Gene in Cannabis

by Marijuana Staff
  • The gene, designated PM1, is the first pathogen resistance gene in cannabis to be formally characterized.
  • The newly published paper in Frontiers in Agronomy describes a promising first step toward reducing pesticide use on cannabis farms.
  • Powdery mildew is among the most widespread diseases of both hemp and marijuana, where infections impact yield, vigor, and flower quality.
“This discovery and characterization of naturally occurring powdery mildew resistance breaks important new ground, helping to elevate our understanding of the cannabis crop to that of other economically vital agricultural commodities such as hops, berries, or grapevines,”

Dewey Scientific Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Jordan Zager.

“The identification and characterization of PM1 is the first step in establishing the next generation of cannabis cultivars that are suited both for large scale production and optimal efficiency. At Dewey, we’ve already integrated this key resistance gene into over a dozen commercial-ready varieties through classic breeding techniques.”

Paper avail at

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