Dragonfly forms distribution agreement enabling the sale of the company's CBD range over the counter in Australia.

by Marijuana Staff
"The non-exclusive distribution agreement with Health House International is great news for Dragonfly Biosciences and more importantly our range of CBD products as we extend our global outreach to shoppers in Australia. Health House International has a medicinal cannabis portfolio, and like Dragonfly Biosciences, the company is all about providing high quality products and ensuring Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) with all products certified and meeting the latest country regulations."

Health House International Australian Chief Operating Officer, pharmacist Paul Mavor:

"This agreement is another win for the Health House International and brings the company a step closer to filling the void in the current market which needs reliable, high-quality, affordable medicinal cannabis. The Dragonfly CBD brand is sold in thousands of pharmacies and grocery retailers already. It is exactly the kind of product that would fit very nicely on Australian pharmacy shelves."

Original release:

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