Medlab NanaBis™Observational Study progress update.

by Marijuana Staff
The first cohort of patients completing the 12-month treatment period demonstrate continued improvement in pain scores.

Medlab (ASX.MDC) is pleased to provide a progress update on its ongoing 12-month real world observation study of NanaBis™, a cannabinoid treatment for cancer-induced bone pain.

Medlab is pleased to advise the number of patients enrolled in the study(HREC Approval ID: H0052E_2019) is now 801 of 2,000 (40.1%), building further confidence in the evidence recorded to-date.

Of those with cancer-related pain, 3% presented with cancer bone pain.

Of the patient population, 99% of patients have chronic pain and 1% have acute pain. The 12-month study was launched in 2020.

Consistent with the prior update in November 2020 and the results from earlier Phase I/II study undertaken at the Royal North Shore Hospital, the fifth monitoring report on the 12-month observational study of NanaBis™ has demonstrated a 55% reduction in pain scores.

The study report is also indicating significant improvements in specific quality of life outcomes such as “general activities”, “sleep” and “mood”.

This update is the first to include patients(119)in the study who have completed a 6-or 12-month observation period.

Preliminary analysis of Brief Pain Inventory (BPI) scores after 6–months and 12–months, shows improvement in mean (SE) pain scores from:

•6.5 (0.2) at baseline;

•to 5.5 (0.4) at 6–months;

•to 4.7 (0.6) at 12–months.  

Of the 801 patients enrolled in the study to date 59% are female (vs 41% male), with an age range 21-99 years.

Release available on the ASX:MDC page.

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