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What is this 710 thing..

by Marijuana Staff

If you haven't heard of 710, then you probably don't dab. ;)

710 is a play on the date with a leet twist.

7/10 in most places other than Australia is the tenth of July.

710 in leet spells OIL.

OIL is cannabis oil, which is a term made famous by cannabis advocates like Rick Simpson.

It is important to recognize the origin of terms when talking about extracts that are being celebrated, because extracts are the things most typically used for issues like epilepsy, Parkinsons disease and chronic pain.

Patients celebrate 710 to help make people aware that cannabis extracts are often a very effective and cost efficient way for people with chronic conditions to obtain immediate relief.

710 is also the day to talk about the misinformation around concentrates and why it is important to recognise the danger of people using talk of high THC as a vector to deny patients access to legal, life changing medicine.

Editor Of ‘Cannabis In Medicine’ warns of high THC use and increased psychosis
Dr. Kenneth Finn said on “The Ingraham Angle” that the youth are much more vulnerable and at risk for developing addiction issues with cannabis or psychosis.

710 is a day to celebrate and remember that the fight is a very long way from done.

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